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By petition means any request, complaint, proposal, addressed to the public authority, contesting an administrative act or failure to settle within the time limit established by the law of an application.
The main legislative act regulating the procedure of the appeal (petition) issued by the organs of the state are:
 The law "on the submission of petitions" Nr. 190-XIII from July 19, 1994, published in the Monitorul Oficial. 4 of "8" September 1994, Monitorul Oficial No.6-8 "24" January 2003;
The law "on access to information" No. 982-XIV of "11" may 2000 published in the Monitorul Oficial.88-90 of the "28" July 2000.
A petition to the Bc.S. “National center for Radio Frequencies” (CNFR) can be located at the headquarters of the NSRF located at the address: mun.Chisinau, str.Drumul Viilor,28/2 sent by mail or via electronic mail cnfr@scfr.md.
The petition - in accordance with article 4 paragraph 1 of the Law "on petition" - any request, complaint, suggestion, appeal filed to the competent authorities, including the preliminary statement, that the contested administrative or the failure to take into account a petition in the legal term. Thus, the hallmark of a petition protest violations related to the publication of the organs of state administrative provisions, regardless of whether the content of the measure affects a specified person or entity, or brought to the public.

Application - a written document that is intended to receive the official information. The very definition of a query which is not provided in the law, but derives from the very meaning of the regulations, in particular the law "on access to information." In this case, a query can get the information required, not only at the time of acute need in it, but if it is necessary, taking into account early and analysis.
Appeal - a written document, sent to the state in which a person expresses his opinions, suggestions, arguments or any other additional information with respect to certain controversial issues, current issues, mechanisms to address them, etc. the Goal of treatment is to express the position of the person in respect of acts of state authority, or by the regulations adopted by them. The definition of treatment is not also included in the legislation, but its meaning is derived from the provisions of article 32 of the Constitution, which establishes freedom of opinion and expression.

First page  »  Contacts  »  Petitions

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